Monday, June 20, 2011

It's "Pooh" again..

Completed another order..
Another 2 way "revisable" bag..
I made a matching  mini 2 way "drawstring" bags as i didn't made any pocket..
I also hang  a "bear" zipper charm as "decoration"..
Like d red checker match with d blue colour fabrics & d light & dark pink polka dot....
My fren like tis "combination".. :)

June Order

Manage 2complete 2 orders last weekend..

Hope d "owner"  like my design... :)

Cute Boxy Pouch

I'd made some very cute boxy pouch..

although it's small but keep quite a lot of "things"...

I'd made a few diff. sizes ..  :)

Something new

Jus received a few craft books yesterday..
Found dat all d things r very nice & not dat difficult 2make..
Couldn't wait 2try..
Manage 2make tis very lovely h/p pouch last nite .. :)
Big enough 2keep my h/p & ear phone..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colourful Pencil Case

Some very colorful pencil cases 4 my nieces  ...

CNY 2011

Somethings i made 4 my nieces, nephews & sis-in laws 4 2011 CNY..

Friday, June 17, 2011

Something 2sale in my fren's shop

Some h/p pouch, drawstring small bag, pencil case dat i put in my fren's craft shop 2sale..
target customers.. kids learning clay craft  in her shop..:)

Repeat order

Manage 2sale 4 sets of tis multi use pouch + card holder 2day..:)
Denise bought a set of tis fr me ealier...
Then her frens & sister like it 2..
so she "repeat order" ... 
 Many thx 2 Denise, Ruby & May...
Glad dat u al like my "handmade"...
Not forgetting 2thx  Fayer 4taking such "pro" & nice photo 4me ..FOC :)
Will make u a set of tis multi use pouch very sooooon ...:)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Small Bag

A small bag 4myself ..
very convenience...
big enough 2keep my wallet, glasses wen i go out 2buy some grocery or 4 a meal.. :)
a very simple bag..
managed 2get it sew within 2 hrs.. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camera Pouch

A camera pouch 4 my sis 2keep her camera....

Long Bi-fold wallet

A bi-fold wallet 4 my sis..
My 2nd attempt 2made tis wallet..
Look "ok"  but still need 2improve ..

A small bag 4 my niece

Tis is a small bag 4my niece 2go 4 her ballet class..
Noticed d cute & tiny sewing machine??
Dun b surprise, i'd sew alot of "things" wit it..
Now, i'd "upgrade" 2 a slightly "better" one ..
Looking 4ward 2upgrade 2 another one wit more function very soon.. :)

A "Firm" Tote Bag

Finally i found d way...
2 make a bag stand "firmly"..
d very 1st bag dat i really satisfied...:)

A bag with handle i like

Tis is another bag i made at d very begining stage..
i like d handle very much ... :)

Bag 4my fren

Tis is d bag i made 4 a good fren of mine 2bring 4 her Ikido class..
she choose tis very cute & nice fabrics...
tis is also a reversible bag.. 1 bag 2 use mah....:)
d picture a bil "blur"..

I also made a "multi purpose pouch" wit d same fabrics 4 her...
as tis bag with no zip ..
she like it very much..:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big bag

Tis is quite a big bag...
i made some time ago ..
not very "good" & "nice" looking..
will give 2my sis vey soon ...
so dat i can find "excuse" 2make more new bag 4 myself... :)