Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thomas & His Friends

Some things i'd made wit 1/2m of tis Thomas canvas..
a very nice fabrics..
 Tis "backpack" 4 my fren's son..
 Tis 2 order by my sis-in-law 4 her fren's son..
tis small tote bag 4 my nephew..

Hope al d great Thomas fan like all tis things i made 4 them lar..

A simple multi use pouch

an order fr a clay craft fren..
According 2her she wan  "checker"  fabrics coz she is a very "square" person.. ha...
so i combine it with purple, pink & red  "checker"...
hope she like it..

Last Minute order by my sis

Tis bag my sis order 4 her student on her 12th b/day..
she let me know on saturday morning, i spent 3 to 4 hrs 2 make after i finished work (saturday, only work 1/2 day mah..)
quite rush... although it's a very simple 2 way bag ....
manage 2 finished on time .. she came & collect it on her way 2 d b/day party..
She & her fren like it very much..
Hope her student also like it lar...

My craft - mate order

Order fr my "clay craft teacher" ...2put her tools & Note book adapter.. Simple but "useful"..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My sis-in-law order

tis r d thgs my sis-in-law ordered 4 herself &  her luvly boy - a great Thomas fan..
hope they like al d things i designed & made.. thx..

2nd order 4 d month..

Set of Tote bag complete wit cosmetic pouch , hand phone & tissue case ....
Hope d owner b hapi 2 bring "them" every way..

My 1st order 4 May 2011

Hope d owner like tis pouch..... thx 4 supporting my handmade...